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Our Mission Statement:
The purpose of the Olympic Coast Alliance (OCA) is to assure a healthy coastal ecosystem through public education and outreach, conservation issue advocacy, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary support, stewardship programs, and a strong working relationship with coastal tribes.

Please join us for this year's Washington Coast Cleanup,

April 23, 2011!

Last year wiith the help of over 1000 volunteers 24.4 tons of trash was removed from our coast line!  For more information about the annual cleanup and to sign up to volunteer see the

Washington Coast Savers webpage.


OCA recently responded to the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary's (OCNMS) request for scoping comments on their Managment Plan Revision. 

The OCNMS Management Plan is an important document that provides guidance on how many aspects of the OCNMS will be managed.  Maintaining a conservation perspective during the management plan review process is essential for focusing OCNMS resources on important conservation issues.

The OCA Board identified keep issues to address in the scoping comments and individual Board members volunteered to write specific comment sections.  OCA's comments focused on expansion of the OCNMS boundaries, oil spill prevention, restoration of the kelp/sea otter ecosystem, acoustial impacts on marine mammals, naval testing, open-ocean aquaculture, energy development, research, and the National Ocean Protection Act. 

OCA Board members will continue participation in the Management Plan review process, keeping the focus on critical conservation issues within the OCNMS.

Click here to read the submitted OCA Comments for OCNMS Management Plan Scoping


Recent Articles

Bits of plastic turn parts of the ocean into a deadly "soup" 

By Alex Roslin for Canwest News ServiceDecember 5, 2008

Oil spill prevention remains a hot issue in Washington State. 


Although major progress appears to have been made in oil spill response capacity along the Olympic Coast (i.e., adoption of a Washington State Oil Spill Contingency Plan with strengthened coastal provisions), most crucial oil spill revention issues have still not been fully resolved.  Click here to access an OCA E-Newsletter update on oil spill issues in Washington.  

Find out what we're working on right now on our Current Projects page.

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